5/6 April 1992

Zagreb diary (7 April)I started this morning with trying to find out the latest news on Sarajevo, but hopeless the messages are now hardly, coming through and the first thing I have learned is that none off the official media is trustable. Stories are that Serbs have been shooting from the roof of holiday inn. Clear is that people has been killed during this shooting, how many is unclear. It weekend is over and so are the soldiers in the streets it is strange-to see the even war seems to have a free weekend, but be honest what is logical about war at all. If a civil war is fought the way like here in Croatia it you can nearly say that some way even a war has rules which are somehow respected by al sides. For instance why do the Serbs or the Croat kill only in the war zone and why not do they act as a guerrilla. There is surely no reason for it, for example in the war zone families are killing each other (literally I have heard stories about a man killing his wife and children and family in law killing each other), but a bomb in the middle of Zagreb or Beograd would kill a lot more "enemies" and it is absolute not hard to smuggle material into those cities.

Alternatively, what to tell from the story that the joint production of arms by the different Yugoslav republics is continuing. The hyper modern tank, called M-73 (I think), which is produced in parts in all republics and putted together here in Croatia is still produced for export (Kuwait), they only agreement made between the different republics is that this tank would not be used inside Yugoslavia, against each other. The money they get for selling those tanks is nicely divided over the different republics.

Or even stranger, Croatia is still exchanging oil for arms with Serbia, Serbs drives around in there army vehicles with Croatian petrol and Croats shoot Serbs with Serbian bullets.

Try to imagine this

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