zagreb diary

12 April 1992

My friends here will say that I mix up the days some times, if they read my stories but besides these small chronological mistakes, everything is the reality. Besides remembering the days of the week, I really have no idea which date it is, but that is that is absolute normal for me. It happens also normally.

11 April 1992

I think the search for War signs is over!!! Today I got the final trill, or what ever I was looking for, to make the group here at the ARK (antiratne kampagje (antiwar campaign)) a little closer with each other I organised a diner for everybody. I cook a nice vegetarian meal (food is more expensive here than back home) and Melena bought some drinks.

10 April 1992

This day went passed with typing in the latest news from Sarajevo and wondering how I was able to do this, typing the stupid numbers into this stupid computer, I could remove dead by using the backspace. I could put higher numbers, but what would be the sense of it.  

8 April 1992

Most of the day I have spend to send faxes around to Croatian press agencies about the 10th of April, there are many people who like to declare that day to a national day. On that day in the Second World War, the Nazi declared the republic of Croatia independent. Most Croats however react a little more sensitive, it is not so nice to be …

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4 April 1992

The first real changes I saw in former Yugoslavia was a border crossing in the middle of nowhere on the highway Maribor Zagreb. Somewhere in a nice green valley full of trees and wild streaming water a couple of office containers were placed and a long line of cars were waiting to be controlled before entering the free republic Croatia. The scene remind me a …

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