Ecotopia ? (2010)

Dear Friends,

First of all I like to send to you all the most environmental wishes for 2009 you can think of…

Secondly I would like you you to think of this proposal:

Ecotopia ?

21 Years after the first Ecotopia in Cologne I would like to take the iniative to organise Ecotopia ? in Germany, in the neighbourhood from Berlin (in 2010 ofcourse).

I heard that EYFA decised NOT to organize Ecotopia anymore, as one of the "initiators", allthough not so regular visitor anymore, I feel sorry, but I can imagen that after 20 years some wants to do something else…

Therefor I thought it was a good idea to see the coming year if it is posible to organise something like it again, but more aimed at the situation of today, most of the old ecotopias have grown older, got work and family and the environmental situation in the world got a greyer look as well.

Ecotopia ? should not be a "youth" festival but a three week meeting place for all generation and ages who are interested in (inter)national networking on themes of ecology, it the widest sence of the word.

After 19 ecotopias I would not call it Ecotopia anymore, that why I put a questionmark behind it, it always will be a maybe…

So much…. let's hear what you think

ljubav i mir,

wam 🙂

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