10 April 1992

This day went passed with typing in the latest news from Sarajevo and wondering how I was able to do this, typing the stupid numbers into this stupid computer, I could remove dead by using the backspace. I could put higher numbers, but what would be the sense of it.


This Map was published by HOS (it shows Croatia, including most of Bosnia)

This is the Map of Croatia (including Bosnia) of HOS

The HOS militia held there announce 10 of April remembering day, in 1941 the NAZI created the state Croatia and the HOS militia held a nice party in their building, a few thousand people came and listened to their stories. To stop the use of the amplifier the Town Council put the whole block out of electricity and our office is in that same block, so for 3 hours we could not do anything.

We need laptops to overcome those situation and modems to make nodes in Sarajevo; they are running out of fax paper over there.

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