11 April 1992

I think the search for War signs is over!!!

Today I got the final trill, or what ever I was looking for, to make the group here at the ARK (antiratne kampagje (antiwar campaign)) a little closer with each other I organised a diner for everybody. I cook a nice vegetarian meal (food is more expensive here than back home) and Melena bought some drinks.

Of course, the local grass was passed around and sudden this guy started to ask me what I thought from the Sandinista fighting for their country, a test for a western peace activist. This guy was at the front in the first line, 300 meter away from the Chetnik rebels, near the Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian and Serbian border. His job is to clear minefields, what he said was so clear and so simple.

'As long as Dutch tell jokes about Belgium’s and send German in the wrong direction when they ask the way, why should we be able to judge about the fighting in Croatia and in the rest of former Yugoslavia. But as soon as the war is over we will go to Amsterdam and have a joint together.'

This were not the precise words, but it went straight to my heart and I was trembling like hell, I ended up in his arms and both were crying, he sitting there, going back to the front, I with all my dream and hopes to stop this crazy war.

And I thought I had seen it all.


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