Malcolm becomes 60

Today was planned as the opening day from Klein Glien, since months Malcolm and I try to rent that place from the AAfV in the hope that we can start a flaeming regional art, culture and ecology center for Flaeming. If you look on the map you will find that the place lays precisely in the middle of the Flaeming.

Gutshof Klein Glien   From Belzig (zegg,…

Most of you in the flaeming followed our on-going-never-ending-story. And allthough we were invited by the board of AAfV some days ago it was just another round in the ongoing process, even when we hoped maybe we could have the party afterall in Klein Glien we are still waiting for a phonecall and will probably have to wait some weeks more.

Anyway our idea was to organise a kind of "concert against global heating" for the flaeming there, today was the big concert which was iniciated some months ago by "my old friend" Al Gore. Al over the world concerts took place and we thought it would be a good idea to have one organised in the Flaeming as well.

But the most important reason to organise a small festival was that Malcolm st. Julian Bown, my partner for Klein Glien, has become 60 today.  In the last days it became clear that the whole thing would become smaller and smaller and that only one band would play, the famous Dju-Dju (Ritchie, Malcolm and various friends).

Ree asked me to be the DJ ath that evening, which took place in the San Diego Cafe in Zegg. So I spend yesterday and this morning in finding all the big hits of schoolparties in the 60’ties and 70’ties together. You know Rolling Stones, Focus, Golden Earring, Lou Reed, Doors, etc. Ree could not have known that it was very lucky that I could do it. Up to two weeks ago I couldn’t.  About 3 months ago my small laptop decided that it wasn"t fit enough to work anymore, the screen broke, and all that time I didn’t had a machine to play DJ and just two weeks ago my mother bought this Laptop I am working on now. The idea is that I use this laptop to make a database from all the paintings and puppets from Pieke. In the main time I can use it as DJ machine as well 🙂

Nevertheless in became a nice party and afterall we are glad that we did it inside, today was another day that we  could not be sure if we have mid winter or mir summer. 

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