2400 litres of protest soup in Berlin

400 people chopped up 1000 kilos of vegetables that no one would have wanted otherwise around the Postbahnhof in Berlin. This was done under the motto: „On plates instead of in bins“. A protest soup was made from the vegetables, which was handed out at 2 in the afternoon on Saturday during a large demonstration against the agrarian industry and the organic industry.


Cook Wam Kat stood stirring his huge pot of soup, which was as big as two stacked lorry tyres, in a circus tent. His metal spoon looked like an oar. The Dutchman has been a demonstration cook for 35 years. He cooked six of these huge pots in total during this demonstration in Berlin: 2400 litres of soup from 1000 kilos of vegetables.

One of the volunteer who came to chop vegetables was Carolin Saam, a 24 year old student who studies agricultural sciences in Berlin. She participated because she, like many others, believes it is a shame that supermarkets throw out tonnes of food. „People in other countries have to starve,“ as she says. 

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